Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Concept Tuesday's Devolved Gnome

So I did this week's concept Tuesday challenge over at Artorder and wanted to share the results. The challenge was to devolve a Gnome from the 4th edition D&D manual and here are the results:

Here are a examples of the original concepts by Raven Mimura:

I thought that being a trickster fae, the Gnomes ought to be more primal and animalistic with their ancestry so, going off the original design, I based my devolution on the shape of the spider monkey. The Gnome, which now lives in the roots of trees, used live on top of them. Tails, long hands and flexible feet serve the early Gnomes in leaping through the branches and swinging from tree to tree gracefully. Tricksters from the start, their long tails and clever fingers and toes also aided in swooping down to steal shiny objects from surprised passerby and disappearing back into the leaves before anyone could register what happened.

So if you like my piece, please head over to ArtOrder.Blogspot.com and vote for me!


  1. These look fantastic, Kristina! :D

  2. Congratulations on the win Kristina! You got my vote and I'm glad you won, well deserved! :)

  3. Thanks Scott! I liked yours too! It was probably the scariest one on there- great job!

  4. write a story to go with your drawings and bind it like a journal and get it published so that i can bu....obtain a copy. also this is god speaking and if by chance you don't believe in god this is some other form of divine intervention. your art work is amazing your ideas are original, you'd be wasting your talents if you didn't share them with a larger audience